Our Master Photographer.

Hello. My name is Kim Zier. I look forward to meeting you with hope to create beautiful memories you will have for a lifetime.

I am a storyteller through pictures, with love and amazement at the inspiration of everyday life. Always visually inspired and a light driven soul ready to tell and share your story. 

To me photography is so important because it is a time capsule. It is a recording of special moments captured at a place and time. Once the shutter has closed and the picture has been taken, your story begins and will be a visual memory of moments cherished forever. 

  • Framing a shot correctly is critical. Every photo tells a story from the perspective of the lens. The lens is the window through which the story is told.
  • Click. In an instant, an exact moment in time, a fraction of a second; captured forever. The emotion that was evoked is forever saved. 
  • Light, shadows, color balance, and blur. Every photograph is refined to ensure the highest quality viewing experience.
  • A photograph is only moving if the person seeing it is moved. We help you share your experiences with your business, family, and friends.

For over twenty years my passions, my experiences, and my life flow from that which I love. Images of those that will always be, that came before and will be long after.

- Kim Zier 

Kim and her partner are available for photographic assignments across the United States. If you would like to speak with a photographer about commissioning an photographic art piece, please feel free to contact Kim directly via email, phone, facebook, or through our Contact Page on this website. 

Kim is very personable, and she always enjoys speaking with new potential clients! 

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